Libertarian Science Fiction

02/01/2011Jeff Riggenbach

Sci-fi novels are an important means of spreading the libertarian anti-state word.The Great Explosion by Eric Frank Russell and the Weapon Shops of Isher by A.E.van Vogt are two that deserve notice. The widespread popularity of science fiction is one of the factors that has helped to keep individualism at the center of American culture.

A bit on being a
If you are real polymath you learn from yourself
You think faster than you should at times
You have and that is great, harness it, don’t suppress it, screw societies expectations

Friends, please focus on his comments concerning the Polymath (~4.20). One man’s demon is anothers god.

@TheRealS0s [ ] provide a forecasting system similar to what is experienced with other weather forecasting. That is, we share a likelihood that an earthquake will happen, where, and when. We never say, “Earthquake at five, be alive!” Mostly, “Indications of an earthquake are 75% off the Oregon coast.” Better yet, we provide the steps that bring us to a conclusion. We don’t want you to be afraid. We just want you to be ready, and if needed, alert.

2019 Nov 14 The ancient rocky lurch was part of a phenomenon known as true polar wander, in which the topmost layers of the planet, likely all the way down to the liquid outer core, rotate significantly even as Earth continues its daily turn around its usual spin axis.

2019-Sept-15 Australia is not quite where you think it is. The continent has shifted by 1.5 metres since the last adjustment was made to GPS coordinates in 1994, reports the New York Times.

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Maximum |

Sea ice surrounding Antarctica reached a new record high extent this year, covering more of the southern oceans than it has since scientists began a long-term satellite record to map sea ice extent in the late 1970s. The upward trend in the Antarctic, however, is only about a third of the magnitude of the rapid loss of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.

We are being told that “more than 300 daily records” are likely to be broken, and this will be the final nail in the coffin for this harvest season for countless numbers of farmers.

Don’t freeze your butts off this decade. Someone might eat it.

2019 Nov 5

Each year, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office sends hundreds of people into this kind of suicide watch isolation. Inmates awaiting trial spend weeks and sometimes months in solitary, according to state and county records. When those cells fill up, deputies place people into “overflow” areas, rooms with nothing more than four rubberized walls and a grate in the floor for bodily fluids. They receive no mental health treatment, only a yoga mat to rest on.

Grey Faction- Satanism's continued Fight Against Witch-Hunters - AA of America Con.

“11,000 Scientists” Debunked, Space Mysteries, Major Storms | Nov.9.2019

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