A little improvised jam with a good friend and guitar guru; Lightnin' Lamar Leonard.

Music Trivia Fun Fact:
This track was recorded originally on a cellphone underneath the shade tree in Lamar's backyard the day before it was cut down. RIP Shade Tree. There were many improvised jam sessions played underneath that tree; this first recording was also the last session the tree would be a part of.

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'Former Obama administration officials criticized Trump's decision, which they said will deprive the public of the ability to hold the government accountable for civilian deaths.'

The public has already been deprived of holding their government accountable. This just pushes acounta bility a little further out of reach of today's vicarious populace.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Caves In To SJWs

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Carbon based lifeforms detected! Stay hydrated with hooligans at !

Battle over Air Force’s $1,300 coffee cups heats up

The Air Force, under fire for throwing down $1,280 apiece to replace in-flight reheating cups after their handles break, will use 3-D printing to fix the cups for just 50 cents. But Sen. Chuck Grassley wonders why these pricey cups are necessary.


WHAT? Is this RT or ONN?
'Cop-killing' high school halftime show leaves local community and media outraged

READ MORE: on.rt.com/9fw9 A grieving Mississippi community is outraged after a visiting high school team’s halftime show portrayed students holding a...


"Hustle until your haters ask if you are hiring." - Jason Stapleton

From a moral point of view, there are [only] two types of people in the world. People who believe in coercion when dealing with their fellow humans. And people who believe in dealing voluntarily with their fellow humans.
- Doug Casey Daily Dispatch, July 28, 2016

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Definition of detention 

1: the act or fact of detaining or holding back

- Merriam Webster

"Mr. Zakir did not say how many Muslims had been sent to the camps, but he appeared to acknowledge for the first time that people were being held against their will in the facilities for months or years at a time."


This Mexico town banned politicians in 2011 and crime disappeared

As violent crime overtakes Mexico, one small town seems to have things figured out. They discovered that the root of all their problems was the


Political power corrupts everything it touches and governments touch us in thousands of ways.
- Paraphrased from Rick Maybury, EARLY WARNING REPORT, June 2003.

Sounds all too similar to the ATF firearm scandal from 2006 to 2011. The only difference is now the AK47 is UAV MQ-1C Gray Eagles. And I would not be surprised in the least to find out we sold the drones to rebel fighters overseas.

Terrorists likely to use drones to attack the U.S., says FBI director

Christopher Wray said the risk of a drone attack is "steadily increasing" due to their widespread availability and ease of use.


“Anarchy is no guarantee that some people won’t kill, injure, kidnap, defraud or steal from others. Government is a guarantee that some will.” – Gustave de Molinari

Blaze Foley - Big cheese burgers and good French fries (The Dawg Years)

Culinary delight from Blaze Foley.


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