Americans. Look how brave the Chinese students are standing up to their oppressive goonerment goonsquad. If only Americans were half as brave in standing up to the abuses by our goonerment goonsquad... This is life or death.

What is it with the Republicans and just sitting there and taking it?

Truly, the party of losing gracefully...

Now that the Democrats and their Progressives have had their impeachment process/failed ejaculation, will the Republicans actually do something to all those who openly perjured themselves?

Edward Snowden on living in fear of the goonerment goonsquad: "if you are trying to eliminate all risks from your life what you are actually doing is eliminating all possibility from you life ... you've lost the ability to act, because you were afraid."

Carlin (RIP) on this freak show world we live in. The goonerment goonsquad manipulating society for 5000 years has left us with NO ability for critical thought...

The internet was intended to be a free and open space to share information, but tracking, surveillance, and censorship are widespread online.

Let's take back the internet. #TakeBacktheInternet

A well written answer to the disastrous CASE ACt which they are trying to push through Congress.

This will empower the government to censor us all.

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