I propose we Libertarians start making a distinction between actual 'journalists' and 'gatekeepers.' To be a Gatekeeper should clearly be a slur, a person who doesn't report the news but instead tries to do the thinking for the people themselves.

There are way too many people today who call themselves journalists but are nothing of the sort. The problem is that these people, while often called out for their gatekeeping practices, still find it far too easy to hide behind the faux label of being a 'journalist.'


Exploits designed by NSA and stolen from them are now turning up in hacking attacks. Big Brother can't be trusted with shit.

I'm leary of an internet bill of rights. While I think companies that trample Free Speech should be punished, it should be done by having their customers flee them. Not enforced by the government.

Theresa May is resigning and now the regular police are being overshadowed by private police forces. Dare I say the UK is regaining common sense?

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