Man that Elon Musk SNL episode was something else. I'm not pointing the finger at him, SNL is just not funny right now - the writing sucks, the cast is lackluster. SNL has had some less than stellar hosts in the past but the talent could at least carry the show.

30 minutes after its resurrection, the Game Gear hits a setback thanks to a poorly place cell phone cable.

I made console repair day into battery day. Luckily only the gameboy Donkey Kong needed a new one

My Genesis has been having some issues. A couple years ago I tried reflowing the solder, but it looks like I'm going to need to do it right this time.

To be fair, its mid-cycle so its not completely fair, but when people talk about the Switches numbers, the fact that its both a handheld and console needs to be taken into account.

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Yes! Been thinking this forever, needed to be said (and I'm definitely a fanboy). Can't look at Switch as just a console or a handheld, needs to be looked as both since Nintendo condensed their hardware offerings.
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Made a table to disprove the fanboy myth that Nintendo are the most popular they have been in a long time.

More people were more interested in Nintendo in the Wii U era let alone when they were a…

I want my children to be sophisticated and cultured. I want them to appreciate the finer things

Love the shimmering effect in Sonic 2 on a CRT. Can't get my camera to do it justice.

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Journalist Jauhni and his compatriots, the porcine Ni'k and the chivalrous Single M, set out to expose the nefarious plans of the DomZ and the Alpha Sections in this week's look at Beyond Good and Evil.

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It is with extreme pride that I announce the v1.0 release of my team's English translation patch of "Sakura Wars: Columns 2" for the SEGA Dreamcast!

Download Patch:
GitHub Project:


Someday I'm going to grow my own cucumbers, and then run around pretending I'm the only one working against the state.

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