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The establishment's bloodlust for war cannot be overstated.

If war is the health of the state, death is the health of the corporate press twitter.com/BraveNew1984ish/st

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We told you we are . With Biden's latest EO he is directly attacking the bodily autonomy of millions of people. This is not leadership. This is abuse of power. This is not a representative democracy. This is tyranny.

Reminds me of another time that Rolling Stone got something wildly wrong...
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Gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals, doctor says rol.st/38CChjl t.co/Is4nAsSOyA

You should try to return what money you can...and provide proof. Lets see you return $1,000 for good measure...
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glenn greenwald, i don’t have $10,000 right now but if i get it i want to send it back to you from a donation you once did. i can’t deal with this anymore. im terrified of you and everything you do. you’re greedy, unprincipled, and im embarrassed for ever considering you a friend

Trust the archaeologists...
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@NateSilver538 As a university professor, delete your account

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PSUnoRetro Giveaway 💥🥳

This allows you to connect your favourite bluetooth controller to your PS1/2 console 💖

I'm giving a random winner to win one for free (I'll even pay shipping)

Like & Retweet for an entry, winner drawn 04/09/21

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A contender for stupidest Resetera post of the year, which is impressive given the strong competition

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@illtalianguy The animosity seems to have begun with Rothbard being highly critical of the Clarke/Koch campaign in 1980. This eventually led to the Kochs getting Rothbard removed and him stripped of his shares in Cato. Rothbard sued them over this.

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In USA, mortality is now the lowest since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

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When people who don’t appreciate retrogaming come over:

I'd kill for a MemCard Pro Dreamcast VMU right about now...

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The year is 2XXX: Edo has failed, the Spindash hosts have become genetically mutated beings and Mother 3 has been delayed again. This week Nick, John and Matt learn which direction to face as they tackle Silhouette Mirage.


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Sonic will never truly be good until they start calling him Dr Robotnik in the games again.

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