Perseverance and overcoming difficulty enables personal growth.

The minute a person adopts a victim status they will blame every little inconvenience challenge and difficulty they face to that perceived bias, and rather than improving themselves, shift their mindset to the expectation that they be accommodated rather than improve themselves.

@AtlasFreeman Up to the 1970’s racism and sexism was rife in the work place and black men and women of all colours were mocked and denigrated by white men, White men had no respect for women or black men and white men’s victims were forced into the position to grin and bear the outrages committed against them because they just couldn’t afford to complain and risk losing their livelihoods because you have to eat and often you have to endure and take crap from people that you wouldn’t normally take crap from!

Women who are currently employed in the fire service, have had to fight for their rights not only to be there but had to fight for bathrooms to be installed specifically for them and also had to fight for their uniforms to be altered because initially the uniforms they wore were specifically designed with the male in mind.

This according to men were women expecting special treatment in their man’s world, to be accommodated in it, women needed their own needs recognised, unfortunately men saw that as men doing women special favours?

Men had uniforms designed specifically to fit their male bodies, they had helmets specifically designed to fit their big fat heads and toilets designed to accommodate their male needs but women asking for their female needs to be recognised in exactly the same as men’s.. was men doing women a favour and is why men say the world is a man’s world and a no woman’s land because all the architecture in it is from a male perspective and women’s is buried deep down under it

@CharlytheWorm @AtlasFreeman

Surprise surprise! not

OMGODESS men put themselves out and managed to make one suit to fit one woman Oh how we women are blessed? (a note of sarcasm!)

Woman to men in their man’s world, is a no one, a no one of any significance a no one

and is why in a man’s world, men ave hobbies and careers and women have house work to attend to

because if women weren’t attending to all the child care and housework then how would men have enough time to focus on all their male interests?

Yeah men need women to do all those little jobs for them, like house work and child care so they can focus on their male selves and on all their hobbies and careers.. cos men and their potential is all important in a man’s world and is why men have a need to sacrifice women’s potential and declare it a thing of no importance because that is what men need women for to climb on women’s backs and crush them down to elevate the significance of their male selves!


Yes, males inveigle to squat on their individual female to provide sandwiches, glory hole and heir services. 🤣


@CharlytheWorm @AtlasFreeman

it has been an imperative for men to annihilate the image of women because men needed women bodies to jump up and down on to promote their male selves

“look, I can jump up & down on women, I can jump up and down on women, and I know they are easy targets, but hey it maketh me the man in my man’s world & I need that to boost my own male morale in it, cos it is all about smashing someone down in my man’s world?”

@EmmaFaber This reminds of when men oppose abortion or condemn a woman for getting one. Their response is always, always the same “Why does this woman want to kill her son?” or “She opted for abortion because HE was an inconvenience.” They never think about the child as a girl. If it was just girls, no man would oppose abortion. The ones who pretend to care, wouldn’t in that case. That’s why they hate women, because women by nature are designed to rule over men and by nature decide what a man can and cannot do to them. It makes them livid.

@CharlytheWorm @AtlasFreeman

@LadyMont @AtlasFreeman @CharlytheWorm

Men are constantly thinking about sex and

females are porn to men like children are porn to paedophiles

a means to an end?

Merely something at hand to stab their bayonets into

Females are viewed by men as prey, something to corner and swarm all over and rip the skin off

and those skins, those victories are prize trophies in a male mind?

Something to go after and get.. and is something men collectively can get right behind and agree on in the name of their manhood

Killing the girl is a glorious male sport to men and one can’t get away from that men revel in it, high 5each other in it

“it is all an ideology of “Bro’s b4 Ho’s”

like Nazi’s high fived each other when they killed the unarmed Jews

the male bonding occurred in their murdering of their prey, in their annihilation of them in every way..

@EmmaFaber And remember the West we live in today is a mere continuation of that same Roman Empire. Nothing has changed.

@AtlasFreeman @CharlytheWorm


My 92 1/2 year old Austrian/Swiss friend said that rape was WORSE AFTER the war, her story has been corroborated by authorities how soldiers who “liberated europe” behaved to the women.

A dear, platonic male friend who has heard me rant and rave over Male Violence told me once, probably the most truth I’ve ever heard uttered, “Men are different. You’ve got to understand. Men think differently. Men like to kill.”

Death cult. Patriarchy.

@LadyMont @AtlasFreeman


Right, doncha know, women rape too! Or, women are sex offenders too. All the whattabouttery.

@AtlasFreeman @EmmaFaber

@CharlytheWorm Also: my precious son would never do that. Which is understandable that a mother would say that, but still, ya know. @AtlasFreeman @EmmaFaber

@CharlytheWorm Nigel who sits in the study for hours on end in his spare time, jerking of to violent porn. “Working” Sure, dear, sure he’s working.

@AtlasFreeman @EmmaFaber

@LadyMont The nice nigels in our S.E.C. agency during 2008 bankster meltdown, planned economic collapse underway, the male employees were watching porn on government computers 1-2 hours a day.

While our economy crashed. The beta male harem perks by selling all women all hours of every day are TRAITORS. Sub-human.

@AtlasFreeman @EmmaFaber

@CharlytheWorm @LadyMont @AtlasFreeman

Men have special needs and are a special needs case according to men

and just because they have a need to see women and girls continually being raped and tortured is nothing to criticise men about

according to the abusers, I mean men?

Men are good aren’t they on their side?

We have to pretend all the Nigel’s are innocent otherwise we wouldn’t be able to tolerate them?

@EmmaFaber @AtlasFreeman @LadyMont

The fact that women have been domestically engineered over thousands of years now to service males has clouded our vision. Husbandry has taken a toll. Looks like nature is favoring the grease-painted twerkers these days. The lower down that women go, the lower down the pole our species goes.

@LadyMont @CharlytheWorm @AtlasFreeman

yeah some bloke wrote on reddit the reason why he didn’t let his wife know what porn he watched was because she would use that knowledge to beat him over the head with it

in other words he couldn’t tolerate his wife criticising him for watching women and girls being raped and wanking himself stupid to it

Men are born criminals


After the divorce, I dated three dudes. Three liars in a row, that was IT. Done. Lapsed het. Closed shop. Self-erotic for 17 years now.

Liar #2 would stay up late at night….and one night woke up at 2:00 am and he didn’t hear me enter the room or know I was looking over his shoulder.

Hey, I’d been married up and hadn’t dated since 1970’s. I had never seen online porn. I had NO IDEA. But, in that night I SAW why he asked to do the things he did. No, you first, dude. He HID his porn.

They all know. Porn sucks for women. They know they like the degradation and are just too porn sick and weak to rise above this beta male crumb of harem. Their brains have been stealth programmed now, porn sick, central sulcus groove a crevasse of black hole man brain.

@LadyMont @AtlasFreeman

@CharlytheWorm @LadyMont @AtlasFreeman

yeah don’t you know there are armies of women running around raping and killing men?

said no one ever

there are millions of armies of men raping and killing women, every little male drug gang is involved in cornering girls and prostituting them and murdering them and burying them on the highways

because it is a male sport and men murdering women and girls is at the most extreme end of the spectrum of their continued hate for females and it’s rare you can keep their big fat toxic gobs shut about it

and that is what happened to many of the internet sites that allowed their male congregation to openly express their hatred

they were told to hold it back or be thrown off the sites.. cos the advertisers said they would not use their sites and withdraw their ads leaving the site owners financially adrift

So the only thing that forced these sites to hold men accountable was a a loss of money

otherwise they have no problem at all

because that is why women exist in a man’s world so men have something at hand to clout

@CharlytheWorm @AtlasFreeman @LadyMont

Yeah during WWII in Europe allied troops were known as armies of rapists because where ever they went they raped women and girls

and at the end of the war all the male run governments didn’t want that info known so they decided in a mutual male agreement to bury it and declared it all confidential and put it in a box and sealed it and said it was not to be opened for 30 years

and they did that so their troops could go home as heroes and hold their heads up high while being cheered on by their welcoming committee who were oblivious to all their thousands of rapes & mutilations of women and girls

Men are infamous for watching each others backs while they murder women and girls

@EmmaFaber She was 14 when war ended in Austria, she said that was when you had to KICK AND RUN because there were soldiers in uniform all over the place. I have known her since 1977 and she’s very sparing of her descriptions of WWII, she was 10-14 years old….but, everything she told me has been corroborated over the years. Yes.

Who wins all wars? Some men. Who loses all wars? Mostly women.

@AtlasFreeman @LadyMont

@yishengqingwa666 @AtlasFreeman @CharlytheWorm @LadyMont

How men view the female human is the diseased part of the male brain and is the thing that will never evolve but remain exactly the same

It’s sadistic at it’s core, it’s parasitical, it’s the parasites desire to murder it’s host

it is where men come from, how they started out, the thing they essentially are, murderous parasites and I think this is essentially the truth of the matter, men are not human, are not really related to human’s.. women are the human’s, women are those who have evolved and are civilised while men can never evolve from the thing they actually are?

@EmmaFaber There’s a reason why the y-chromosome changes so much with every single variation vs the X chromosome who has relatively remained the same. There is something wrong with the Y chromosome, as if it’s a mistake that needs fixing. @yishengqingwa666 @AtlasFreeman @CharlytheWorm

@LadyMont @EmmaFaber @AtlasFreeman @yishengqingwa666

And, a reason that the power cell of our cell is the Mitochondria, passed down from mother to child….always the maternal mitochondra, our “real power” cell.

@yishengqingwa666 @LadyMont @AtlasFreeman @CharlytheWorm

🧐 WOW?

That is telling it like it is?

The one thing I know re the Y chromosome it has completely disappeared in some species of rats but the genes have not vanished but jumped ship onto other chromosomes?


There's a difference between experiencing hardship and adopting a victim mentality.

I'd say working to overcome and against that hardship is the opposite of a victim mentality.


Feminism is not about equality because as far as feminists are concerned women are equal to men

what feminism is about is fighting men who deny that?


Equality is an exhausting and impossible goal for anyone to chase

"No-one is equal to anything. Even the same man is not equal to himself on different days."


Equality is not a goal

equality is a thing that exists not some distant future attainment

the fact men want to deny that equality is a thing

is the ideology of male supremacists

@AtlasFreeman @EmmaFaber "From the fact that people are very different it follows that, if we treat them equally, the result must be inequality in their actual position, and that the only way to place them in an equal position would be to treat them differently. Equality before the law and material equality are therefore not only different but are in conflict with each other; and we can achieve either one or the other, but not both at the same time." ~Friedrich Hayek

@colossalspam @AtlasFreeman

yeah like when men collectively decided the world was a man’s world and the female human was their inferior that they needed to be rid of

that was when men announced their death sentence on women and girls

After that men wanted son’s not daughters and men invested everything they had in their sons, in their chips off the old block and kept women and girls in cages, so their sons had something at hand to tear the flesh off because all males wanted a piece of that meat to dig their teeth into

Men killed the girl and not accidentally but with malice a forethought

Men kill the girl verbally, physically, domestically, sexually, pornographically, socially, psychologically..

and men have a chuckle to themselves about that all the way to their next wank.

Devaluation of the girl and worship of their boys are the building blocks of all men’s male empires and mass murdering the female human, hunting her and chasing her down and swarming all over her is according to men, their greatest male sport ever and is something they can all get right behind and agree on in the name of their manhood

@colossalspam @EmmaFaber

I love me some Hayek

I've been thinking about his short essay, "why I'm not a conservative" and his premise that progressive movements are pushing things in their direction by definition, while conservatives just try and hold things in the same place.

@AtlasFreeman @EmmaFaber Chapter 5 of Hoppe's "A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism" explains why they do that: conservatism is just a policy of economic interventionism and social manipulation to maintain the status quo in favor of the existing elites. Then things inevitably change, new players entrench themselves in the ranks of the powerful, and want to avoid losing their position. That's why the neoliberals and neoconservatives are slowly converging into the same ideology.

@colossalspam @AtlasFreeman

Of course what they never notice is, they are actually giving their interpretation of the world from a male perspective while living in world they shaped to suit their male selves and they will never see anything outside that box that their male minds are set in because everything else, every other perspective is totally alien to them

but the aliens, the outsiders see a totally different perspective to them

and of course women being the outsiders in a man’s world and their history being totally different to men’s because in women’s history women always face the opposite end of the gun barrel to men

then their perspective will see something totally different

.. Chapter 5: The Wealth of Nations: Ideology, Religion, Biology, and Environment How did the West get rich? What intellectual movements threaten progress, or advance it? Chapter 6: The Production of Law and Order: Natural Order, Feudalism

@colossalspam @AtlasFreeman

The predator is always going to be the predator

and no female on the planet is ever going to walk down a country lane alone and not look over her shoulder to see if he is tracking her

That is what the male is to the female

what a Nazi is to a Jew

No Jew could ever confidently walk down a country lane alone while Nazi’s existed… and certainly a Jew couldn’t trust a Nazi as far as she could throw him

Men pray for reign, pray for sons and prey on women and girls

a men?

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