What will happen if our society raises a generation to believe they are immoral and guilty because of their skin color?

"white men—especially those aged 25-64—are at least twice as likely to take their own lives as men in every other racial group except Native Americans, who lag white men by about 15% (24 per 100,000 vs 20 per 100,000). And white males, who make up about 30% of the population, account for nearly 70% of all suicides. By the way, white women are far more likely than any other women except Native Americans to commit suicide"



its like that scene in big daddy where rob schneider asks the kid what the game is called and the kid says "i win"

this is the same situation, and capitulation to these people set us on this road. that and the 50 years of bad policy joe biden and his kind instituted, as they then blame djt for the work they got paid for and imo has been proven to be a disaster.

@AtlasFreeman I had people get mad at me for saying "save all forests." The rainforest is the only one that's 'diverse' enough to promote, I guess.
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