If you see someone on mastodon.social using a cross-poster from Twitter and never actually posting/responding here, please report them. I think that can be reasonably considered spam.



Why not just let users who don't want to see their content block them?

I would welcome more content bots until the reaches critical mass. I'm currently following a few and wish there were more..

@AtlasFreeman Content bots are not contributing to critical mass. Just wasting resources and annoying everyone in public timelines.


Bots can be a temporary bridge for refugees from etc to continue seeing content they care about. I wish I could add more bot accounts to my feed to fill in that Gap of missing content

Again, why not let users decide what is annoying and what is relevant? I'm here because I didn't want protecting me from ideas or information.

@Gargron @AtlasFreeman wow. Glad I'm not on dot social. Guess I should check if our admin has the same backwards idea…

@Gargron If this is a drain on resources, then I think you are on strong ground. We are moochers, and this is your hard work and money.

Thanks for all you do.

@AtlasFreeman @Gargron I am so glad to be on liberdon.com, where there is no attempt at deciding what is and is not to be tolerated. I don't much like most bots, I just mute them. Problem solved.

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