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So long as someone abjures non-defensive violence, theft, and fraud, he's libertarian enough for me. When the statists have destroyed themselves, we who survive can set up our separate utopias and see which--if any--work, knowing that our libertarian neighbors won't try conquest.

It's corny I know but rather than using marijuana or drugs, be they natural or otherwise, generally being outside further away from civilisation gives me the spirituality, the oneness those aforementioned things could.


Is it because of the word or because was mentioned?

We may never know..

"that army of the South, composed not only of the best that the South had, but wellnigh of all she had. Gentle and simple, old and young, rich and poor, secessionist and anti-secessionist, with every difference laid aside, animated by one common spirit: love of country, they flocked to the defense of the South. Through four years they withstood to the utmost the fiercest assaults of fortune, and submitted only with their annihilation"

- Thomas Nelson Page in his biography of Robert E. Lee, 1908

"President and Mrs. built/has a ten foot around their D.C. mansion/compound. I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version! - Donald J.


The tragedy of war isn't weighted entirely on the initial loss of life.

There is a compounding loss to society of the impact of those departed who were willing to sacrifice everything for the rest of us, and because their future impact on society is ended, and their impact on their progeny either never was, or was cut short.

Culture loses most when we lose the best of us.

Starting last January, only residents of states that signed on to the federal government's REAL ID scheme were permitted to fly or enter federal buildings using their state ID.

When they forked LibreOffice from OpenOffice, did anyone propose "Cubicle" as a name?

**Hundreds of Central American migrants enter Mexico with few checks**

"Hundreds of mostly Honduran migrants entered southern Mexico on Friday, joining around 1,000 other people from Central America who crossed a day earlier and putting to the test Mexico's vows to guarantee the safe a…"

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Donald and Nancy up in DC playing national pranks on each other and bickering like little children, & 99% of people still think gubment is the best way for society to function.

You can get a green verified link on your #Mastodon profile by adding a special code to your website.

Just go to Settings, then Edit Profile, then copy the code from the Verification section and add it to your website's front page, then Save Changes on your profile.

(If you don't want to keep the code on your site, you can remove it after you've saved the changes on your profile.)


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