I have a video session with Cheshire TV tomorrow.

Should be fun.

Depression is a curious thing. I want to do stuff, but the effort to reward ratio is way, way off.

The last week contained 5 major things, each of which would have left anyone emotionally frayed. If you have anything to drop on me, might as well do it now.

The last 24 hours have not been... interesting. I'm going back to bed.

I'll be very happy to be home. There are so many fat people

Please take note that I have no affiliation with a "James Butler" who is evidently doing business and claiming to be my associate.

When I see the kind of shit that trans people post that gets 17000 likes, I am embarrassed to be trans.


Now fuck off.


Let's be honest.

could have released 45 seconds of Maynard farting into a mic, and people would be talking about how much they love it. So I'm not surprised they released 45 seconds of white noise caused by over saturation and about twelve seconds of heavily processed guitar played in no key, and got the same result.

Today we are gonna discuss my nihilistic views on the mass shootings, and why I think humans need a mass perspective shift to understand the problem. And Chris will start talking about consensual dog sex or whatever.

Live in fifteen minutes at dlive.lrn.fm

I watched America immediately stop everything they were talking about to instead tread back over whether video games cause violence.

They are manipulating you. Don't let them. Stay focused.

Before you question my credibility, I'm from Mississippi. I know hot weather. And I've thoroughly had enough of this New Hampshire heat.

The Switch version of Super Meat Boy has different music, and it's bad. Why, @TeamMeat?

I'm going drinking and swimming with friends at 3 in the morning.

This is a good life.

I'm taking the night off (which means from now until 7a) from crypto. I'm gonna have some wine and play The Binding of Isaac instead. Might still do some trading, though...

Him: *points to anarchy necklace*

Him: "You're into punk rock! That's awesome!"

Me: "I like rock, but not really punk. I'm an anarchist."

Him: "Well, a lot of that actually comes from punk rock."

It's a shame. I liked him until he proved himself stupid.

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