Seems I finally got all old posts imported to

Now I just need a script or plugin that will update the url in every post from https://anarchist... to

I know I should, but I'm probably not going to bother with an SSL cert.

@AriaDiMezzo If you copied the archive to your computer and then to the new site, probably the best way to update all the URL's is by editing the archive and reloading the new site.

If you don't update your certificate, some browsers, like firefox, will make it next to impossible to visit the site.

@billblake2018 Since the images didn't transfer half the posts are broken somewhere anyway. That said, a find+ replace on the xml file should be quick when I get off work tonight.

@AriaDiMezzo Or, for that matter, if you've got the xml, just extract the picture url's and fetch them.

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