I went to Ian's after work last night, and it was pointed out to me that someone is trying to get him to fire me. We had a good laugh about it. This isn't the first time someone has tried this.

Pro tip: I can't be fired from my own show.


Now you know that.

I do not apologize for breaking. I apologize for holding together longer than I needed to.

Aria Uncensored got the studio temp banned from . For my next trick, Aria Uncensored will be streamed to PornHub instead.

If you let an Izanami reach level 20 and have full equipment, you kinda deserve to be dropped from full to zero health in half a second from her basic attacks.

Me: "Alright! Time to edit some audio!"

*proceed to upload podcasts with absolutely no editing*

Fuck. It's easily fixed, though.

Several people have expressed to me that they thought I hated them when we first met. Apparently I give "angry death stares" without realizing it. This is probably because, in unfamiliar situations and around people I don't know, I tend to watch and observe. But I don't know; I wasn't aware that I was doing it. If you've received one of these glares, I don't dislike you.

Aria Uncensored is on in thirty minutes! The tranny takes your calls at 603-283-6160. Watch live at dlive.lrn.fm or twitch.lrn.fm! It's gonna be great.

My pc is very confused right now about which sound card should be doing what.

Tonight's episode of Aria Uncensored will also feature Derrick J of the movie Victimless Crime Spree. It's gonna be awesome. Tune in for Aria exploiting herself at 10p EST at dlive.lrn.fm or twitch.lrn.fm

We also decided that the audio from the show will be uploaded to CTF's podcast at calltofreedomlive.podbean.com

It occurs to me that being trans is kinda like being fat, in that if someone wants to insult you, that's ALWAYS what they'll target.

I'm fine. Please stop asking. I'm just over it and done with it.

Me: "I don't believe in gods, curses, souls, and shit."

Me in Wal-Mart: "This is a cursed, godless place."

I'm giving serious consideration to starting a Satanic Church here in Keene. I'm gonna feel out the area and try to get a sense for what would happen.

Derrick J., of Victimless Crime Spree, is joining me this Tuesday for Aria Uncensored. We've never done a show, but we're both a bit wild, so it should be great. Live Tuesday at 10p at dlive.lrn.fm

They upped me to 300 mg of spiro daily. Gonna be a rough few days.

The latest joke with me and Thunderbuns is me wanting him to get me pregnant. It's exactly as uncomfortable for people as you'd expect. And exactly as funny for us as you'd expect.

I hear the second episode of Aria Uncensored was a nice success, reaching about half the views of Shemale Versus Nazi. Not bad for a second episode.

Aria Uncensored in fifteen minutes! Tube to dlive.lrn.fm to see me topless, buzzed, and ranting about the ACLU event.

It was interesting to me how similar the stories began to my own, and then how shockingly and quickly they diverged and fell into collectivist thinking, with one person even saying "I had to find my people."

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