Russian media outlet REN TV is meeting me tomorrow for an in-person discussion. Don't tell the Republicans I met with Russians. They couldn't handle it after everything else I just put them through.

Open carrying into a convenience store while not wearing a mask and then buying my cigarettes with Bitcoin Cash. Why aren't you in New Hampshire yet?

Free Talk Live in 7 minutes at for all the audio and video links.

Tonight is my first night on Free Talk Live since all this happened. Check it out at 7p EST at It should be awesome.

on @reddit in r/politics on Sept 24 at 1p EST.

As of now, the video response to the vandalism that I recorded will premier Thursday at noon EST, here:

Due to difficulties, this will not premier at noon. Also, fuck you, Sony, over a petty section of the video.

At noon today EST, in 9 hours, Free Keene is premiering my video response to the vandalism. Be sure to tune in at to watch.

Reddit has invited me to do an AMA in /politics. Thursday September 24 at 1p.

Wells Fargo just nuked my accounts and is closing them. When I say "fuck the system," that includes banks. Opt out with .

Discord deleted the LRN server. Coincidence? @Discord

Okay. I went to work. I've been tangentially aware of what's been going on, but there are thousands of things to sort through. Be patient, please.

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