If the government truly had your best interests at heart, it would kill itself, in much the same way that Epstein didn't.

I loved @Windscribe before. Then I discovered you can pay them with crypto. Best VPN provider around.

I like this thing where everyone else is staying home. You mean I can go out in public and only deal with like 5-6 people? Fuck yeah. Don't stop staying the hell away from me. It's great.

Wow, a lot of people are salty. They've really bought into the fear of this thing. And it's kinda disconcerting to see so many libertarians would climb into the train bound for the camp if the government told them to.

Me for the last nine months: "I'm not quitting my job even though I easily could because I'd go fucking crazy within days."

You: "I'd love to live in a cabin in the woods for six months!!!!"

I'm glad that proved which of us is full of shit, and I'm glad that people can finally comprehend why I continue to work my normal job. I know me. But why don't you know you?

Maybe spend this period of isolation figuring out why you know so little about yourself?

The Reformed Satanic Church has offiicially opened its doors as a food bank.

For two full election cycles, the American electoral system has managed to find the worst Americans alive. This would be fine, if the result was euthanizing those poor people, but no. The result is PUTTING THEM IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING.

Honestly, no fiction writer could conceive anything more insane than that.

So TD didn't just close my account in December. Evidently they've prohibited their current costumers from sending me payments. I am more pleased about this than I should be. Keep demonstrating the urgent need for , stupid banks.

And yes, I know. These brands are corn shit. But they'll keep your cats the fuck alive.

Fortune telling with a Satanist, tonight on Free Talk Live, 7p EST: freetalklive.com

Just food for thought. If you're a white guy messaging a trans chick on Grindr at 3 in the morning with a username of "Straight&Hung," then casually allude to sucking dick, you probably aren't as normal as you like to believe.

Precious post was unfinished. And now I don't care enough to finish.

You have two choices. Get carried by the wave, or ride the wave. I predict a rough few weeks ahead, and then years for economic recovery.

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