Live in my Facebook: getting computers mansplained to me.

In the pink corner, me: BS in MIS. Owned a tech firm for 5 years. 10 years experience.

In the blue corner, some guy: Thinks CPUs affect file transfer speeds. Doesn't know m.2 is solid state. But, in his defense, he I'm a girl so he must know more than I do.

@Bic how can a company that makes such reliable lighters also make the worst pens

@Facebook has kept me banned through pretty much all of ...

Large package of sex toys arrived today, courtesy of Drunk Aria.

The fuck.

It's so nice seeing a bar full of people and a long line of poor saps waiting to get in because they aren't as well-known. Lol

Live on ten minutes: how to sell Bitcoin with Aria DiMezzo. if you want to learn.

Guys. The answer is Pepsi.

Has anyone tried giving cops a Pepsi?


New series: "WHAT AM I DOING" with Drunk Aria. In tonight's episode, .

The shitshow begins now.

A reminder, because I'd forgotten: Libertarian Presidential candidate @Jorgensen4POTUS is joining us on Free Talk Live tonight at 7p EST. to check it out

Tonight at 11p EST: Drunk Aria plays while knowing absolutely nothing about the game.

Should be interesting.

That was fucking fantastic.

The show goes on, because the conversation is great, but you'll have to wait for the rest. We're taking a break. I'm giving the video recording to The Fluid Voice after the show, as usual, to let them have first dibs.

It was, in places, as hostile as you'd expect.

I saw the other trans chick in Keene with red and purple hair last night. It's such an obvious, inferior ripoff of me that I fully expect her to start selling / since I sell and / .

Me: "Damn, that was some aiming to be proud of."

Me in the same stream, two minutes later: "Fuck, I think I missed 75% of those shots."

No one knows what will come next.

I'm nominating as the MVP of 2020. Since it began, I haven't seen a single argument on social media about whether I, as a trans person, have the right to exist.

Keep up the good work, Covid19!

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