If you're wondering what I'm doing after FL Studio caused me to lose several days of work with a shitty Auto-Save system, the answer is... adding a store to my campaign site so that people can buy signs.

I'm not contesting anything. I still lost, even knocking off these 7000 votes recorded for Rivera that didn't actually exist. I'm only pointing out how prone to mistakes the system is. Even a simple county-level race ended up with vote counts that are off by a factor of TEN.

This system is broken.


I am not running for sheriff again. I intend to change my registration back to Libertarian. But first, my primary victory makes me a delegate to the NH Republican Convention, and that is an opportunity I cannot waste.

I don't care about this rigged round of their rigged game. Voter fraud is meaningless because the state is fraudulent. I'm here for the lulz; democracy is stupid, as are all forms of government.

You shouldn't get to pick my ruler.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

At Planned Parenthood, I was just asked, "Has anyone forced you to do anything you didn't want to do?"

Without even thinking, I said, "Just the government."

At this point, with results being so slow to come in, I'm just gonna assume I lost (because I probably did) and get back to me regularly scheduled night. I'll check back into it tomorrow. The war against the state would never be won by a single election.

In other news, a co-worker mentioned tonight as we all did anal kegel exercises during downtime, that it was the most sex-positive place she could possibly imagine.

We got paid for that.

We got paid for learning and doing anal kegel exercises.

I don't like linking to Facebook, but the Twitter character limit kept this from going there. Am I nervous about today?


"It'll take a lot more than words and guns / A whole lot more than words and muscle / The hands of the many must join as one / And together we'll cross the river."

So whatever happened with my webhost and the Wells Fargo issue resulted in my site theme being irreparably broken, even after deleting and reinstalling it.

When you describe the trans Satanist anarchist sheriff candidate running on a slogan of "F*** the police" as "right-wing," your political compass needs to be calibrated.

I think word got out that I have cameras, because I haven't had a sign stolen in like 4 days. Is it weird that I find it odd that no one has trespassed on my property and stolen from me this week?


I'm gonna get a projector and loop the theft videos 24/7 on the side of my house.

We're all gonna die. In the meantime, laugh.

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