I'm going drinking and swimming with friends at 3 in the morning.

This is a good life.

I'm taking the night off (which means from now until 7a) from crypto. I'm gonna have some wine and play The Binding of Isaac instead. Might still do some trading, though...

Him: *points to anarchy necklace*

Him: "You're into punk rock! That's awesome!"

Me: "I like rock, but not really punk. I'm an anarchist."

Him: "Well, a lot of that actually comes from punk rock."

It's a shame. I liked him until he proved himself stupid.

I've decided to start treating people not based on how much I care about them, but how much their actions say they care about me.

It's getting exhausting having friends undermine me and/or stab me in the back outright.

This guy wants to fuck with me. lol. His positive feedback just dropped to 57%.

I have zero need to continue my formal job. I'm going to, because two weeks isn't enough time to be certain, but at this point I'm losing money by going to work.

Checking the other top PayPal traders, and I've got PayPal on lockdown. There's no point in competing with me. The second most popular has 0 trades. Basically, I kicked everyone else out.

Got one of those presidential survey calls and made that poor intern listen to me explain who Ross Ulbricht is () and why I'll vote for any of these clowns if they pardon him.

Just secured two BCH suppliers. I really should have done this sooner, but I've only been at it a week.

I like movies from the 80s because that was when movies were actually in full color, instead of being blue and orange.

I have no idea what to do with myself with no work to do today.

Ok, Google. How does one relax?

Being is interesting. In the past, I'd have seen a chick in red yoga pants and thought "Wow. Look at that ass."

Now it's "Is that bitch really wearing a camo tank with red pants?!"

I am in love with local.bitcoin.com and suggest you sign up. Don't miss the crypto boat--it hasn't set sail yet.


I just had an extremely positive experience at local.bitcoin.com

I'll probably discuss it on Free Talk Live tonight.

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