Some fools call Lucifer "our dark lord."

Lucifer is a brother, not a king. And is he dark? Yes, but only because society has defined "the light" to be a deity that condones slavery, rape, human sacrifice, and genocide. When "the light" is defined in such evil ways, being "dark" becomes a necessity to have a clear conscience.

Pity is the stipend given to those who choose not to earn respect.

I don't care about the impeachment, and you should be against it. Have you read ANYTHING about Mike Pence? He is, and has always been, impeachment insurance. However horrible Trump is, Pence *would be worse*****. You don't get a Democratic president if Trump is removed from office. You get President Pence. And he's far worse than anything Trump could ever be. That's always been the point.

Don't play games with people's lives if you don't understand the stakes.

You know what I miss most about Mississippi? No joke. A glass of iced tea.

You cannot understand the pain of seeing only Lipton.

It's probably how New England people feel seeing me munching on jalapenos like it's a fruit.

People act like "omg the Idiocracy is real life now!"

Like yeah, William, we totally weren't overrun with stupidity back when people were putting horse shit in open wounds, yeah, you're right. Stupidity is definitely a new thing.

Я официально добавил биткойн в свой инвентарь. Теперь вы можете найти меня в местных биткойнах как арианархиста.

Согласно американскому правительству, каждый либертарианец и каждый, кто не любит войну, - русский тролль. Итак, дорогие американцы, скажи это сейчас со мной:

Я русский тролль.

Я решил, что мои посты в социальных сетях на некоторое время будут на русском языке. Я хочу видеть, сколько времени занимает ФБР, чтобы допросить меня.

The electrifying webinar with KrisAnne of Liberty First University is well worth watching if you haven't taken the time. It's strangely exciting for a video that's about something generally considered dull, like the U.S. Constitution.

It's amazing any of these laws still exist, blatant remnants of a historically patriarchal society.

Oh, man. Burping up Curry Indian (which I bought with ). It's so delicious, though.

Oh. We're going live in 25 minutes at for a webinar with Liberty First Unviersity!

Y'all, the rest off my family said they'd pray for her, but will do nothing else.

"May God help you, because I won't." is an active scam account. Never, ever deal with it.

My sister is going through some stuff, and my ability to assist is limited by distance and people like PayPal closing my accounts. :/

I have a video session with Cheshire TV tomorrow.

Should be fun.

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