"Workers" is a spook--a fictitious categorical construct--that you created as a euphemism to mask the fact that some lazy individuals get so much handed to them that they can actually work a job for a decade without doing well enough to qualify for any kind of raise. Got it, thanks

1/2 "Workers haven't gotten a raise in ten years."

Who the fuck is Workers, and why has he been working the same job for ten years without a single raise? I don't know anyone named "Workers." Workers' lazy ass should be thankful I let him keep his job for so long if he's putting in so little effort that in ten years he hasn't earned an additional quarter an hour.


I don't typically watch gay porn, but I'd buy a Pornhub subscription to see "Chris Cantwell bottoms for Jewish cuck beta male"

Maybe that's the final stage of Cantwell's career.

Go on over and pre-order your penny jar, a tool to teach children about saving and charity.


So I just realized that if Cantwell has cited @CallToFreedom as the "most interesting show on LRN," it's absolutely because Rev brought us up one night when calling the Radical Agenda.

Seems I finally got all old posts imported to theanarchistshemale.com

Now I just need a script or plugin that will update the url in every post from https://anarchist... to theanarchistshemale.com

I know I should, but I'm probably not going to bother with an SSL cert.

I'm on WLOB-FM/AM in Portland, Maine in moments to talk about bitcoin on "Talkin' Maine" with Kevin Crocker

girl makes video to remind people that people aren't ultra sensitive and some have a sense of humor. LGBTQ community reports video, gets trans girl banned from for 7 days.

*Journey comes on*

*It's "Don't Stop Believing"*

Me: "I'm going to smoke."

The sad thing is that I like Journey. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna listen to Miss What's Vibrato and Why Am I Doing It Wrong butcher it at loud, unprojected volumes. Been too bad a week for that shit.

Is there a polite way to tell a co-worker, "Bitch, please stfu. You cannot sing worth a shit, and whoever told you that you could was lying to get in your pants"?

I'd like all interested CTF and FTL hosts to play a multiplayer game of Civilization 5 (or 6) one day instead of airing CTF and FTL.

When someone you really liked turns out to be a manipulative snitch. :/

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