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Build KYC-free Bitcoin circular economies for truly free markets.

KYC excludes millions of people from the fiat economy, who can't get government ID or can't show ID for safety reasons.

Agorism offers free markets for products, jobs, housing, healthcare, travel, telecoms & more – no state-assigned identity or permission required.

Bitcoin circular economies:

KYC-free alternatives:

Reject the state's monopoly on identity:

40+ Bitcoin and Monero infographics, stickers and gift card templates: Public domain – Download, edit and use however you want.

Peer-to-peer trades are between the buyer and seller only. No need for government ID, company registration, tax records or state permission. A Bitcoin wallet (e.g. Blue Wallet) is all you need. Bitcoin helps you to fight the state's monopoly on money, identity & markets. Use it.


- Buy Bitcoin for cash or gold via Bisq
- Rent out an apartment or office for Bitcoin
- Sell products for Bitcoin in Craigslist
- Work for Bitcoin via Microlancer
- Accept Bitcoin in your business via BTCPayServer or Oshi
- Join local Bitcoin meetups and Telegram groups


The state is trying to censor & surveil Bitcoin via KYC regulations for exchanges, payment gateways and online stores. It wants to weaken Bitcoin to an exclusionary permissioned walled garden, just like banking. However, peer-to-peer exchanges & circular economies can avoid this.


CD60: building a bitcoin circular economy with @Dooowta, @BrainHarrington, and @5antoshernandez

Anyone else have 403 Forbidden errors when using Mastodon in Tor Browser, even after changing exit nodes? I need Tor for safety reasons (VPN alone isn't safe) and don't want to boot into Whonix to access Mastodon via Tor -> VPN.

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