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Build KYC-free Bitcoin circular economies for truly free markets.

KYC excludes millions of people from the fiat economy, who can't get government ID or can't show ID for safety reasons.

Agorism offers free markets for products, jobs, housing, healthcare, travel, telecoms & more – no state-assigned identity or permission required.

Bitcoin circular economies:

KYC-free alternatives:

Reject the state's monopoly on identity:

Live on Bitcoin with

Buy and sell products/services, find jobs and hire people, start fundraisers and exchange Bitcoin and fiat.

100% KYC-free

Live on Monero with

Buy and sell products/services, find jobs and hire people, start fundraisers and exchange Monero and fiat.

100% KYC-free

What would you like to see in the Monero ecosystem?

Discuss ideas for merchants, platforms, tools & more, get feedback or even find contributors here:

Privacy & censorship-resistance goes beyond browser settings and degoogled phones.

As the state bans access to jobs, housing, healthcare & more via government ID KYC (while refusing to print ID for people), agorism helps people to access daily needs without censorship or surveillance:


Proxy merchants like Proxystore, ShopInBit and Sovereign Stack Rerouter make it possible to pay with Bitcoin in any online store.

We also accept #xmr

Bitcoin circular economies provide a unique opportunity to trade freely, outside of state censorship and corporate deplatforming.

Consider to accept Bitcoin in your business, ask your favorite stores to accept Bitcoin or join a Bitcoin peer-to-peer marketplace – and build a truly free market for all.

As state tyranny is increasing, many people are looking for escape routes, such as Flag Theory, building sovereign micronations or living entirely outside of the state via agorism.

Flag Theory vs. Micronations vs. Agorism:

Join the Fediverse – a decentralized alternative to Big Tech:

Twitter → Mastodon:
Youtube → PeerTube:
Reddit → Lemmy:
Medium → WriteFreely:
Telegram → Matrix:

Setup an agorist WriteFreely instance:

WriteFreely is an open source, federated alternative to Medium and supports ActivityPub. (You can also follow and comment on blog posts via Mastodon, e.g. @anarkio)

If you are interested in publishing an article or blog about agorism, crypto or privacy tools, let me know and I will send an invite.

Most DID protocols require government ID as a base layer. If DID is just an extension of the existing broken system, it provides neither privacy nor financial inclusion.

Instead, build privacy-friendly alternatives that everyone can participate in:

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