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New law proposal in Finland:
spreading information that benefits foreign nations will be criminalized, you could get fines or four years of jail time for spreading "russian misinformation".

People have surrendered their brains and have pledged allegiance to the Satanic government (mind control). They dont even think anymore, just repeat lines they hear.

I'm interested to see how this all plays out. But I think we all know whats about to go down and if you don't, pick up a bible and read it.

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The mental programming really does show when people are discussing January 6.

Is being raised by a woman the only factor in a man being more feminine?

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People who are against "conspiracy theories" say that you cannot trust some youtube video but then they open up tv and believe every single lie presented to them.

I'm never getting rosy red minnows again.. Sadly I have 10% of them left.. I'm assuming it was a mistake on my part but i'm definitely getting a bigger type of fish.. I'm unsure of which to get.. Betas are out of the question because I'd like to have multiple fish... unless they just don't like other Beta fish.. I need to do some more research. But I am looking forward to hatching some brine shrimp. I love how it looks when they are added to the fish tank.. makes it "sparkle".

I prayed for the first time a couple weeks ago and the night of, I had a terrible nightmare and couldn't sleep.. I also had one the night after.. I couldn't sleep.. Maybe I prayed wrong idk... I don't think I've prayed ever since but I need to. I just don't know how.

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Update on what my screen looks like.. it's perfect. 🥰

I update foss apps WAY faster than I ever would any other app.

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Yay.. i have conky + conky manager running in Fedora 36.. looks great.

If the instance i'm using is down, does that mean no one will see my posts?

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Fedora 36 is awesome. I've had it installed for some weeks. Liked it so much I completely trashed Windows 11.. So now my computer just boots Fedora.. I was kinda nervous during that period where my computer had no OS in it..

... btw, what is this --> :ancap:

Is there a "like" button here or is that what the star is for? .. the favorites?

I have no idea what's happening in the "online world".. (big tech social media) and it feels great. All my focus is on saving up to buy some land and a tiny house.

1 week and a half to succesfully install linux... It only took me dismantling my old laptop, taking my hard drive out, hating intel for not letting people switch to ahci.. amongst other things I didn't have to do.. live and learn.

I've been trying to install a new OS on this thing for about a week.. I can finally say goodbye to Windows 10 and just keep Windows 8 and Endeavor(linux) on my computer.. ... woah Windows 8 just booted up.. i forgot how big everything looked 🤣

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