Fear can be spread through scary stories but words can’t fuel hope, but actions. Acting on community, charity, and setting an example of something to be hopeful for. The Libertarian community is a growing example of the hope consent brings.

Want your business to not be buried under red tape? Want to keep more of your paycheck? Want your every actions privacy to be under your control? Want to enter the contracts you wish with whoever you want? Want to not be sent to war? Vote

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Libertarians believe in solving problems, but we are not so pretentious to think we can assume any solution should be imposed on everyone without their consent. Market solutions allow smaller scale attempts to scale up as they win consent in the market becoming econ sustainable.

It’s snowing in Chicago the one time I think it ok to make a trip without a coat

Landed in got 2 hours to kill before Minnesota flight.

Whether we agree on every policy view or not there is one thing I hold true. A message of love, empowerment and peace is the right one versus one of division, dependence and hate for short term political gain.

Waiting at LGA after two hours of Sleep to make my way to Minnesota to spend some awesome time with fellow libertarians then flying back tomorrow.

No solution is universal. The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of implementation all influence success. Knowing there is so many variables I would prefer small scale market experimentation that can quickly end, adapt or scale.

was completely unexpected and exceptional at every turn, bravo, well done.

I am exhausted and due to NYC weather that won’t change for the next few days. I am determined to spend some time with the LPMN and somehow squeeze endgame and GOT into it all.

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