Rolling back government intervention will remove barriers to exercising your liberty but it is still incumbent to you to exercise that liberty to live an enriching life by developing your knowledge, skills, health and relationships.

Friendly Reminder... not condemning someone is not an endorsement. A left wing narrative being false doesn’t make the right wing narrative correct. I’m not hear to defeat any wing but to unite people in peaceful but sometimes contentious non-violent coexistence.

I generally am very bothered seeing divisive and polarizing events because I want a society built on liberalism (free markets and minds). Rampant polarization makes people more eager to control/subjugate one another and overall harder to coexist peacefully.

Breaks my heart regarding the Smollet controversy that everyone is so quick to choose a side and paint their narrative. Regardless the outcome, it’s tragic. Whether hate is acted on or performed to create anger, it’s all tragic. We all lose when distrust is created.

Don’t let the the discussion of the presidency distract you from the power you hold to change people’s lives. Whether your family, friends or community there is value you can create for those around you that requires no permission or patience to create.

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