Often times, the most passion filled fights aren’t the most productive, and the most productive fights aren’t the most passion filled. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Reminder, the best way to promote your cause is to speak to positives of your cause and ignore the competition. Attacks bring attention to their targets, make them sympathetic and your cause less. Being positive is strategically smart.

This is one of the greatest things ever to come from goRemy and Reason => youtu.be/cbI31x3FpS0

The beauty of freedom is the incentives it creates. Not just those for material gain but social gain. The more I choose to be kind, generous and accepting of other the more likely they will be so of me. Only I can choose to open the doors kindness does when I’m free. # amliberty

A lot of you got addicted to outrage during the Trump years and it shows.

We all want a world where we get along. Getting along involves others choosing to respect your boundaries and you choosing to respect there’s. The framework is what most lends itself to this possibility.

Fixing social divisions and social inequities are not fixed by demonizing or compelling each other. It’s done by choosing to talk to each other with an intent to understand and move forward together. Lately, everyone sucks at this.

Reducing national incidents to one party being an angel and the other a demon and debating who fits what role is NOT helpful. We are all imperfect but still are entitled to individual rights and being subject to the consequences of our decisions.

Ending prohibition of something may result in more or less of X, the end result regardless is a greater transparency of markets which can allows us all to make more informed choices about our lives, families and communities.

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Discussions of social challenges often devolves into a game of blame or dismiss. This isn’t productive. Factors that leads to social imperfections are many, complex and long standing. What we need is a discussion of how together we can move against the current.

Some on different sides want to construct the lens and language we use to discuss real social challenges in a way that provokes and divides. What we need is a language/lens that allows us to understand and appreciate each other, that is individualism.

Some want to prevent bad things by removing means. Means isn’t the catalyst, motivation is. Motivation isn’t something that can be changed by mandate but can be changed with empathy and kindness. Providing that is a choice we all have to make.

What sounds more selfish, “Wanting people to pursue their dreams, priorities and aspirations on their own terms” or “Obligating the time and resources of others towards the priorities of someone else”. Just Saying.

If someone tells you to do something and your automatic response is to do the opposite, haven’t they still made a decision for you? Take time, weighs context, facts and other info, and independently make an informed choice.

You can be wise and unwise in standing up for what is right. Although, to the extent you can, it’s better to stand up for what is right wisely.

Hatchets are heavy, it’s faster to move forward by burying them.

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