Does any realize the multiverse is just one big git-repo?

Not doing something to spite everyone who is saying to do it is still just letting everyone make decisions for you.

Being independent isn’t going with or against convention, it’s taking each decision in isolation, looking at the factors and making your own decision.

Sometimes your decisions will line up with everyone else sometimes it won’t, but you are acting independently. Independence isn’t a performance, being contrarian can be just as much virtue signaling as being conventional.

In this video I do a deep dive on the US Gov debt, what maturities are issued, the yield curve, so forth.

Seeing others as individuals doesn’t mean being blind or ignoring the things that make us different or the same. It’s just realizing we are more complex than any one facet, and having enough respect to explore beyond the surface before condemning or exalting another.

Be kind, be successful, be curious, be skilled and be healthy and you’ll see the choices and opportunities available to you grow. Even better, you will inspire others to follow in your footsteps. This is how we build a better world.

From Mastodon: got my Twitter account back🎉

From Mastodon Account: Until I regain access to the “alexmerced” Twitter account which is currently hacked, I’ll be tweeting from “realAlexMerced” please follow to get notice of updates.

My Twitter account has been hacked and I currently do not control it, I’m making this post from my mastodon account which is linked to it in hopes I can get a post to Twitter to warn followers. Ignore tweets from this account till I regain access and post it on my mastodon and Facebook accounts

@Alexmerced wasn’t claiming they were I just hashtag my posts libertarian because I am one, doesn’t mean everything I value is a neccessary value of being libertarian. Although I do think they are valuable in maintaining a state of liberty (the opposites of these things tend to lead to conflict and coercion)

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Every night at Disney Springs people from all around the world gather peacefully and enjoy just as diverse food and entertainment not cause of any sense of egalitarianism but the desire to share unique experiences with those you love enabled by free exchange.

How about we foster a “reboot” culture and bring back things like thrift, kindness and forgiveness.

Why is love the answer? It’s how we allow ourselves to be divided that leads individuals to the vulnerability that creates demand for theft and compulsion . We need to reverse that cycle at the core in how we treat and love each other. Love is the.

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