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An antidote to poisoned western media (BBC-CNN-FOX NEWS AND MANY MORE)

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This is for you TEC-TYRANTS FB and Twitter & Warble Bully

My New PUNCH 15-11-2021 @ ‘VK’
‘For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.’

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While Railing Against Trump Coup, Biden Appoints Chief Ukraine Coup-Plotter Victoria Nuland
Nuland was the driving force behind the 2014 insurrection that overthrew the Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine and is now set to serve as Biden’s Under Secretary for Political Affairs. by Alan Macleod mintpressnews.com/railing-trum

{***=< 500 W} The US openly says its interests require instability in this region. The US wanted to start a civil war in in 2009, & now God has afflicted them with the same predicament in 2021. The recent chaos reached a point where Congress members had to escape through secret tunnels.
Imam Khamenei vk.com/ayatollah.khamenei

10-01-2021 (BST) 07.00AM ⌚07⌚ ➽ ➽ ➽ FULL NEWS Big Brother is Watching. They now have full control but we can change it. LEAVE FB

RESEARCH TEAM please meet up @ ello.co/drdej2016 or Every Thursdays linkedin.com/in/fereydoun-deja
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Fact check: The coronavirus pandemic is not a hoax.
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Some UK lawmakers have called for a tougher stance on by replacing the 2015 nuclear deal, saying it's "beyond repair." Professor Marandi
tells us why Iran will not accept any changes to the agreement. twitter.com/AsiaTodayOnCGTN/st

It's imperative we kick Israeli war criminals out of the UK, halt Elbit's conveyor-belt weapons & shame complicit landlords twitter.com/swilkinsonbc/statu

Replying to
The true meaning of normalisation being to shut up and ignore Israeli violations.

Minister: Iran Ranking 5th in Research, 2nd in Scientific Growth

که خواب بودیم و سردارمون رو زدن
سردار_ دل‌ها
سردار شهیدم

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I am a productivity expert. I am an examiner, examining MSc and PhD students for the office of Research and Development.


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